ApplicationsTypical use cases for our products and services

PCB ready for functional testing (FCT)

During industrial functional testing, devices under test are examined for whether they meet pre-defined specifications required for their future application.

Printed circuit board testing (PCB testing)

During a printed circuit board test (PCB test), PCBs are checked for production faults and correct functioning.

Sentry AOI tester

Automated optical inspections allow for the monitoring of labelling processes as well as checking for production faults and dimensional accuracy.

Test benches (test rigs), test racks and test facilities

Test benches (also test rigs) are quality assurance stations in manufacturing or product design, at which components or products are replicably inspected.

Guardian FCT tester for end of line tests (EOL tests)

The term end of line test (EOL test) refers to quality control tasks which are executed at the end of a production line.