End of Line Test (EOL Test)
Inspection tasks at the end of the manufacturing line

What is an end of line test (EOL test)?

The term end of line test (EOL test) refers to quality control tasks which are executed at the end of a production line. EOL tests usually focus on evaluating the correct functioning of the device under test (sometimes under varying environmental conditions). However, additional inspection tasks like checking labelling processes (e. g. barcodes) can be performed as well.

During functional testing (FCT), a device under test (DUT) is exposed to different external influences which are relevant for its intended application (e. g. digital input signals, interaction with sensors, environmental conditions). A precise FCT tester (e. g. our Guardian FCT tester) evaluates in real time if the reactions of the DUT to these influences are correct. The connection between the DUT and the FCT tester is established using specialised test adapters (for example test adapters by GTS Test Solutions).

EOL test equipment: Guardian FCT tester

Guardian FCT tester with connected test adapter of the series PA450

Hardware in the loop (HIL)

HIL refers to test simulations for embedded systems (for example an electronic controller). The HIL simulator is connected to the interfaces of the embedded system and sends the same signals the DUT would receive under real conditions. This virtualisation allows the embedded system to be tested under a large number of conditions without having to generate these conditions in reality.

Automated optical inspections (AOI) are another test method frequently performed at EOL test benches. Image processing algorithms can evaluate if components have been correctly assembled and aligned. Moreover, AOI systems are used to check if labels have been accurately posted (e. g. CE label). A compact yet powerful solution for AOI is our Sentry.

End of line test equipment: Sentry AOI tester

Sentry AOI tester with opened drawer

Do you need help with EOL testing?

Our competent and creative team gladly provides help and advice. Besides our in-house software and hardware for end of line tests, we offer integration services and turnkey test benches. We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!