NI LabVIEW Programming
Count on our certified LabVIEW developers

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LabVIEW by National Instruments (NI) is a proven programming language for industrial measurement, inspection, control and regulation processes. Our LabVIEW programmers assist you with planning your project and implementing solutions – from simple test tasks to elaborate test frameworks.

  • Multiple certified LabVIEW developers and NI Alliance Partner

  • Use of advanced programming techniques (LOOP, Actor Framework, …)

  • Many years of experience with complex applications

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Development of elaborate test frameworks

If required, our experienced LabVIEW programmers can develop elaborate test frameworks for your application. Thereby, we are not only your partner for software-related questions but also when it comes to choosing and obtaining the right hardware. Your test framework may include the following functionality:

  • Operator interfaces for production processes
  • Automated or manual product selection
  • Database connections (e. g. for logs or application configurations)
  • Product traceability
  • Machine capability analysis
  • Maintenance counters
  • Automated approval processes (e. g. automated periodical tests of reference devices)
NI LabVIEW developer creates test framework
NI LabVIEW developer uses Actor Framework

Certified LabVIEW developers and advanced programming techniques

As a proud NI Alliance Partner, we competently answer all your questions about National Instruments hardware and software. Your applications will be designed and implemented by our highly trained LabVIEW programmers. As part of our quality promise, we use advanced programming techniques like the Actor Framework or LOOP whenever appropriate. This way, we can ensure a high reusability of your application components, optimise scalability and eventually minimise the cost of future extensions or changes.

Complex existing projects

You are already running a comprehensive portfolio of LabVIEW applications? Our LabVIEW developers update old modules and optimise complicated libraries. This eases maintenance and improves the accessibility of your application.

LabVIEW programming: controlling external devices using DLLs in NI LabVIEW

Typical process of a LabVIEW project

1. Requirements engineering

We discuss your wishes and translate them into software and hardware requirements.

2. Conceptual design

Our experienced LabVIEW developers elaborate an optimal solution for your requirements.

3. Presentation and approval

We present our concept and fine-tune it together with you.

4. Agile programming

Our experienced LabVIEW programmers develop your individual solution.

5. Beta release

First release, customer acceptance test, documentation of additional requirements if required

6. Bug fixing and final release

We fix last bugs and implement the final release.

Frequently asked questions about LabVIEW programming

NI LabVIEW is a graphical programming language proven in industrial environments. It is designed for measurement, inspection, control as well as regulation processes and stands out because of its fast hardware interfaces and comprehensive analytical tools.
NI LabVIEW is a widely used programming language with a large community, that can be consulted when problems occur. Due to the large number of users as well as the specialisation of LabVIEW in metrology and inspection technology, a lot of ready-to-use libraries for different use cases are available. This can immensely lower development costs. The graphical programming approach makes LabVIEW relatively easy to learn and allows outside people to grasp the essence of algorithms.
Our LabVIEW programmers are highly trained and certified. Our expertise goes beyond software skills and covers National Instruments hardware as well. Due to our many years of experience across different industries, we can find an optimal solution for your individual use case. If required, we have exclusive contacts at National Instruments and their partner network.