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Reliable execution of test sequences, reports and much more

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TestStand by National Instruments (NI) is an application software for test management. It allows the fast and reliable implementation of inspection as well as validation systems. For example, TestStand can handle test sequences and parallelise test tasks. It also offers reporting tools and user management. Our experienced TestStand developers gladly support you, for instance with these topics:

  • Implementation of individual user interfaces for operators

  • Integration of existing code modules and software libraries

  • Design and optimisation of test sequences

  • Traceability (connection of existing systems, new solutions)

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Customised user interfaces

Our TestStand programmers design individual TestStand user interfaces according to your specifications and replace the default views. We optimise the operator guidance for your application and, thereby, maximise the productivity of your test technicians or test engineers. By adhering to your corporate design guidelines, we assure a consistent user experience throughout all test tasks.

Customised GUI designed by a NI TestStand developer
TestStand development: including different adapters

Integration of existing software

TestStand allows the fast integration of third-party code or libraries (just like our in-house developed software WinGuard does). Nearly any programming language is supported, for example NI LabVIEW, Perl or Python. Thus, our TestStand developers can easily reuse your existing software modules and translate them into single test tasks. This minimises project costs and secures know-how.

Test sequencing and parallel test tasks

We optimise existing test sequences or develop new ones, that are specialised for your product. If appropriate, we take advantage of advanced TestStand functionality, for example parallel test task executions. Our aim: minimal inspection time and maximal first pass yield (FPY).

NI TestStand test sequencing


For the efficient processing of warranty enquiries or the production optimisation an inspection protocol must be recorded for every tested product. We offer the seamless integration of your TestStand application into your existing traceability system or help with the implementation of a new solution.

Typical process of a TestStand project

1. Requirements engineering

We discuss your wishes and translate them into software and hardware requirements.

2. Conceptual design

Our TestStand developers elaborate the optimal solution for your requirements.

3. Presentation and approval

We present our concept and fine-tune it together with you.

4. Agile development

Our experienced TestStand programmers develop your individual solution.

5. Beta release

First release, customer acceptance test, documentation of additional requirements if required

6. Bug fixing and final release

We fix last bugs and implement the final release.

Frequently asked questions about TestStand development

TestStand is software specialised in the management of inspection and validation systems. Its functionality includes:
  • The integration of existing code modules and libraries (e. g. written in NI LabVIEW or Python)
  • Sequencing of test tasks
  • Parallel execution of test tasks
  • Reports and analytics
  • User management
We recommend using TestStand for complex inspection and validation routines, especially if you already have existing NI LabVIEW code for your application(s) or if you want to build an inspection system based on National Instrument products. With please, our TestStand programmers will evaluate your individual use case.
Our TestStand developers are highly trained and NI certified. Our expertise goes beyond software skills and covers National Instruments hardware as well. Due to our many years of experience across different industries, we can find an optimal solution for your individual use case. If required, we have exclusive contacts at National Instruments and their partner network.