Embedded Systems Design & Embedded Software Engineering
Custom test equipment for your critical or time-sensitive test tasks

  • Embedded programming (embedded software engineering)

For decades our in-house product development team has designed and produced embedded systems as well as engineered embedded software for industrial test stands (for example our Guardian FCT tester incl. its boards, Sentry AOI tester, RMESS24 etc.). We will gladly use our experience to create special designs for your critical or time-sensitive test tasks.

  • Real-time test applications

  • Solutions for test tasks with high demands for timing and stability

  • Outsourcing of critical test tasks to an optimized controller

  • Cross-industry experience in embedded software engineering for test applications

Reliable execution of your test tasks with embedded systems & embedded software development

Critical or time-sensitive test tasks frequently need to be executed by dedicated hardware rather than a universal controller. We support you when it comes to designing and manufacturing custom test equipment and its firmware – from the simple processing logic to complex testing algorithms.

Example of an embedded system: UMC board
Embedded software programming

Embedded hardware for your requirements

As a foundation for the hardware of your embedded system we can draw on the components of our Guardian functional testing system. Of course, further developments of these components (e. g. interfaces for KNX, ZigBee, Bluetooth or QI) or completely purpose-built hardware (e. g. sensor or load boards) are possible as well.

Typical process of an embedded programming project

1. Requirements engineering

We discuss your wishes and translate them into software and hardware requirements.

2. Conceptual design

Our embedded software developers elaborate an optimal embedded system design for your requirements.

3. Presentation and approval

Our embedded programmers present our concept and fine-tune it together with you.

4. Prototype

We construct a viable prototype and wait for your final approval.

5. Production and delivery

We produce the ordered amount of your embedded system and deliver the devices.

Frequently asked questions about embedded programming

Embedded systems are required for test sequences which have high demands for stability and timing (e. g. real-time applications). Furthermore, the use of embedded test systems can be reasonable for test routines which are very frequently executed.
No, not always. Our embedded software engineers gladly support you with special designs that run completely autonomously.