Test Software Engineering
Programming of test sequences and test automation

  • Test software engineering using WinGuard

Our experienced developers competently assist you with the programming of test tasks and test automation.

  • Programming and automation of functional tests, electrical tests, mechanical tests, hardware in the loop tests (HIL), end of line tests (EOL) etc.

  • Cross-industry experience: automotive (standards LV 124 and ISO 26262), pharmaceutical, agriculture, building technology and many others
  • Onsite and offsite

Our windows-based inspection software WinGuard allows you to implement and automate test sequences cost-efficiently. WinGuard was originally designed for our Guardian functional testing system. Due to a large number of interfaces, however, third-party hardware can be integrated as well. The graphical interface is easy to learn and can be used without programming skills.

WinGuard inspection software
NI LabVIEW programmer operating user interface

As an official NI Alliance Partner, we can assist you with our extensive knowledge about the National Instruments product portfolio. Trust our certified developers when it comes to test software engineering with NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand.

NI Alliance Partner (System Integration) badge

The all-round software DASYLab is suitable for a wide range of metrological applications and represents a cost-efficient alternative to brand software (e. g. by National Instruments). Applications are built graphically in a data flow diagram – no programming knowledge required.

Test automation using NI LabVIEW

Test automation

We automate your inspection tasks, parallelise tests and therefore optimise your test and production times. Depending on your application, your automated test stand can be controlled using an intuitive operator panel or can be integrated in your fully automatic production line. Our competent developers have many years of experience in electrical, mechanical, visual and functional testing across industries.

Typical process for test automation projects

1. Requirements engineering

We discuss your wishes and translate them into software and hardware requirements.

2. Conceptual design

Our software developers elaborate the optimal solution for your requirements.

3. Presentation and approval

We present our concept and fine-tune it together with you.

4. Agile programming

Our experienced programmers develop your individual solution.

5. Beta release

First release, customer acceptance test, documentation of additional requirements if required

6. Bug fixing and final release

We fix last bugs and implement the final release.

Frequently asked questions about test software engineering

Test software engineering is the development of test algorithms for industrial product inspection and validation tasks using appropriate software (e. g. LabVIEW by National Instruments or our in-house developed software WinGuard). Test automation is a sub-discipline of test software engineering and describes routines that do not require human interaction. At the highest degree of automation, test stands are fully integrated in automatic production lines.
In particular, we have experience with:
We have many years of experience in electrical, mechanical, visual and functional testing. We have successfully completed several projects, for example in the following industries:
  • Automotive (standards LV 124, ISO 26262)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Building technology
  • and many others