All-round software for measurement technology

  • Universal data collection and signal analysis

  • Suitable for research & development, automation and manufacturing

  • Graphical creation of inspection routines and visualisation of signals/results

  • Intuitive usage without programming knowledge

  • More than 100 ready-to-use modules for common functions

  • Block diagrams allow for easy interpretation

  • Large amount of supported hardware

  • Easily extendable using Python

  • Cost-efficient alternative to brand software, e. g. by National Instruments

  • Free demo available on measx.com


Rapidly changing measuring, control and feedback technology applications require flexible systems. With the Windows-based software DASYLab you can design and implement a wide range of applications in no time.

Easy-to-use: Using data flow diagrams, DASYLab allows you to design metrological applications interactively and without any programming knowledge. Required functional modules are placed in a circuit diagram and then linked with connecting lines, representing information flow.

Monitor, control, analyse: For this purpose, more than 120 ready-to-use analysis, control and visualisation modules are waiting for your implementation – from single functions to pre-configured routines. DASYLab offers you everything you need in order to record, analyse, visualise and process signals of all kinds – in one powerful tool.


  • Recording and visualisation of measurement data
  • Signal analysis
  • Implementation of control and feedback processes
  • Automation of inspection routines
  • Configuration of custom measurement devices
  • Design of custom user interfaces with up to 200 layout pages and on multiple screens
  • Implementation of custom extensions using Python


Using Python, DASYLab can be extended to your needs. This allows you to integrate any desired custom or third-party software or hardware.

We gladly help you with the integration of your own and third-party products. We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!


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