Electrical Testing TechnologyInspection of PCBs and electronic devices

Our high-performance electrical inspection technology is well-proven and Europe-wide in duty. We manufacture and deliver modular functional testing systems, intuitive inspection software as well as test adapters for many applications across industries.

Electrical inspection technology: Guardian functional testing system

Modular functional testing system for PCBs, electronic components and devices

✓ Online configurator

Electrical testing technology: Test adapter

High-quality and customisable test fixtures for many requirement levels, special design construction

WinGuard inspection software

Intuitive software for test routine creation, debugging and automation; no programming skills required; extendable through plugins

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our test engineers have many years of experience in test rig design as well as in integrating test rigs into your production environment. With pleasure, we also take care of your test software engineering and test automation tasks.
Yes. Our test equipment designers are looking forward to your contact enquiry.