Guardian FCT Tester
Modular functional testing system (FCT system) for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic devices

  • Guardian functional testing system (FCT tester/FCT system) front view 2
  • Guardian functional testing system (FCT tester/FCT system) front view 1
  • Guardian functional testing system (FCT tester/FCT system) back view
  • Guardian functional testing system (FCT tester/FCT system) with test adapter
  • Universal functional testing system (FCT tester)

  • Modular design, 15 ready-to-use components available (see tab “Configuration”)

  • Open FCT system

  • 2 models: cost-efficient entry-level version (coming soon) and advanced model with interface for test adapter series PA450

  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

  • Applications: printed circuit board (PCB) testing, component testing, firmware programming, end of line testing, run-in tests etc.


The Guardian test system is a versatile FCT tester. Typical applications include functional testing of electronic assemblies and EOL testing of electronic devices. Due to its high level of versatility, the Guardian functional testing system is suitable for a wide range of test tasks in production, quality assurance and incoming goods inspection across industries.

As a systems manufacturer, we would like to offer you turnkey solutions for your individual use case. Our experienced team is looking forward to consulting you about our test adapters and WinGuard test software. If desired, our field engineers can integrate the Guardian into your production line as well as software environment. More information is available in the tabs “Customisation” and “Service”.


  • Testing analogue and digital assemblies (PCB tests)
  • Connection, short-circuit and component testing
  • End-of-line tests for devices (EOL tests)
  • Firmware programming
  • Automation of manual tests
  • Alternative to expensive high-end testers

Features of our FCT tester

Supply voltage230 V AC ± 5 %, 50/60 Hz, max. 325 W
Tare weight16 kg
DimensionsW 520 x H 300 x D 440 mm
Operating temperature range15 – 35 °C
Relative humiditymax. 80 % non-condensing
CalibrationFactory calibration by manufacturer
Adapter interface288-pin interface for test adapter series PA450
6 Harting 09060482905 multipole connectors
PC interfacesRS-232 und USB 2.0
Number of plug-in connections38 on two levels with 3 HE for boards with 64-pin multipole connector DIN 41612 (100 x 160 mm)
Allowed fixed voltages for users5 V / 6 A, ± 12 V / 0.6 A, 24 V / 2.5 A


Configure your Guardian FCT tester and receive an offer right away using our product configurator!

Product types

Base unit 3HEModular functional testing system with 19 slots, standalone (coming soon)
Base unit 6HEModular functional testing system with 38 slots, interface for test adapter series PA450


PSU boardProgrammable power supply
ADX boardPotential-free 24-bit multimeter
MSU boardChannel switch (relay matrix 48 channels)
PIO boardDigital I/O board with 16 channels
DAC boardDigital-analogue converter with 8 channels
PLD boardPower semiconductor switch (16 channels)
WFG boardWaveform generator
UMB boardUniversal microcontroller with 24 GPIOs
UMC boardUniversal multifunction board with 32 GPIOs
RLM boardRelay module with 10 switch contacts and 8 digital inputs
TRF boardAdjustable transformer
CIF moduleCommunication interface
CSM colour sensorRGBW sensor with I2C interface
RDC boardProgrammable decade resistor
PicoScopeExternal USB oscilloscope


Interface boxAllows wired connections between Guardian and test adapter

Customisation of our FCT tester

We gladly customise our Guardian functional testing system to fulfil your individual needs. Amongst other things, we offer the following services:

Please note that we also offer a wide range of product-related services (see „Service“ tab).

We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!


Related to our Guardian functional testing system, we offer the following services:

We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!

Rental & Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Our Guardian functional testing system is available as a rental device or for Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).