ADX Board
Potential-free 24-bit multimeter

  • ADX board: Potential-free multimeter view 1
  • ADX board: Potential-free multimeter view 2
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  • ADX board: Potential-free multimeter view 4
  • Potential-free measurement board

  • Resolution: 24 bits

  • DCV, ACV, resistance, diode, capacitance

  • Dialectic strength ± 200 V DC or Vpeak

  • Integrated scope function

  • 4-pole resistance measurement, minimum resolution 30 μΩ


The ADX2 board is a universal measurement board for our Guardian test system. It is the backward compatible successor to the ADX1 board and can replace the old board without any modifications to the test programmes. It contains a fast and high-resolution A/D converter and is controlled by an ARM controller. In addition to multimeter measurement techniques, the board includes an integrated storage oscilloscope, used to record analogue signals of up to 400 kHz.


The ADX2 board is often used in connection with our channel switches (relay matrix) for automatic measurements during a functional test of electronic assemblies and devices. Component tests (in-circuit tests) of resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors etc. are also possible.

  • 4-pole measurement
    4 channel switches are required for 4-pole measurements in order to separately route the sense and drive signals to the component to be measured. This compensates for the contact resistance and allows precise measurement of low resistances.
  • Short-circuit and connection tests
    Short-circuit and connection tests offer an easy method to detect production errors such as solder bridges, interruptions and commutations. In addition, the setpoint connections are first checked in a defined range of measurement channels. Then it is verified that no additional connections exist. An efficient algorithm reduces the number of measurements in the process, leading to a shorter test duration.
  • Pin finder
    This function scans the measurement channels cyclically and displays the channels that are connected to positive measuring input ADX+. Our WinGuard software displays the connected measurement channels when the testing pins of a needle adapter are touched with a measuring tip.


Operating voltage5 V ± 0.1 V, approx. 350 mA
A/D converterADS1672, 24-bit resolution
Input resistance100 K, 10 MΩ or high-resistance
Dialectic strength200 V DC or 140 V AC eff.
Connector X1RS-422 Guardian protocol, 64-pin multipole connector DIN 41612
Connector X2USB COM port for fast transfers from the data logger
5-pin header RM 2.54
Connector X38 GPIOs for expansion, 10-pin header 90 °, RM 2.54
DimensionsPCB 100 x 160 mm


Product types

ADX2Potential-free 24-bit multimeter (2nd generation)


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