CSM Colour Sensor
RGBW sensor for LED testing with I2C interface

    • High light sensitivity, 16-bit resolution

    • Direct measurements without light conductor

    • Closely matches the spectrum of the human eye


    Coloured LEDs often also need to be tested when conducting tests on PCBs or devices. CSM stands for Colour Sensor Module. The VEML6040 colour sensor we use features an integrated matrix of photodiodes and measures red, green, blue as well as white light across 4 channels. All required analogue and digital circuits are integrated into the 2.0 x 1.25 mm single chip.

    The chip is soldered onto a round carrier board, which is inserted into the cylindrical sensor housing. The lower part of the housing is spring-loaded to ensure that the sensor does not sustain any damage if it hits an obstacle when the test adapter is closed. In the variant that features a bracket, the sensors can also be placed above the LEDs with a short distance in between.


    • Testing coloured LEDs or light sources
    • Brightness measurement
    • Reflectance measurement


    Product types

    CSM1-RColour sensor without bracket
    CSM1-AColour sensor with bracket