PIO Board
Digital I/O board with 16 channels

  • PIO board: Digital I/O board with 16 channels view 1
  • PIO board: Digital I/O board with 16 channels view 2
  • PIO board: Digital I/O board with 16 channels view 3
  • PIO board: Digital I/O board with 16 channels view 4
  • 16 channels

  • 500 mA high side and low side driver

  • 5 V to 32 V logic level

  • Clock generator with PWM


The PIO2 board is a digital I/O board with 16 channels. Each channel features a high side and low side driver with a 500-mA capacity. The high side drivers can either switch between the internal 5 V or external voltages of up to 32 V. The channels can be switched individually or in groups. In addition, the firmware can output frequencies of up to 12 kHz to the outputs.

Each channel can be configured as an input. A comparator generates the high/low status of the applied signals using a programmable trigger threshold. This allows the digital information to be read and the logic level to be checked.


  • Communication with digital assemblies
  • Integration of PLC into the test system
  • Direct switching of the relay, solenoid valves etc.
  • Pulse and clock generator
  • Signal generator for assemblies with PWM control


Operating voltage5 V ± 0.25 V
Current consumptionmax. 250m A
Number of channels16
Logic level5 V to 32 V
Current carrying capacity500 mA for each channel
Safety featuresShort-circuit and surge protection up to 40 V
DriversITS 4140N and BSP75N
Clock generator0.1 Hz to 12000 Hz, switchable to one or several channels
Trigger threshold0.1 to 30 V for high/low differentiation
Input resistance1 MΩ in input mode
InterfaceRS-422 Guardian protocol
Connector X164-pin multipole connector DIN 41612
Connector X240-pin header RM 2.54, 90 °
Connector X310-pin header RM 2.54, programming interface
Dimensions160 x 100 mm


Product types

PIO2Digital I/O board (2nd generation) with 16 channels


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