PSU Board
Programmable power supply

  • PSU board: Programmable power supply main view
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  • Potential-free output voltage ± 25 V

  • Current limit 0.01 to 2.5 A

  • Integrated measurement of voltage and current

  • AC mode 10 to 100 Hz

  • Suitable for use as an electronic load


The PSU board features a four-quadrant amplifier and can generate voltages in the range of ± 25 V. The integrated A/D converters can be used to measure the output current and voltage. As the output is potential-free, two boards can be connected in series without any issues in order to double the output voltage to ± 50 V. Sense inputs are provided to compensate for the voltage drop in the connecting cables to ensure a precise power supply for the assemblies under test.


  • Power supply for PCBS or devices under test
  • Testing reserve polarity protection switches with negative voltages
  • Use as a constant current source
  • Loading outputs with a programmable current (electronic load)
  • Generating a single-phase supply voltage with variable amplitude and frequency up to 200 W with the use of a transformer (AC source)
  • Generating a three-phase supply voltage with 3 synchronised PSU boards with variable phase angles


Current limit0.01 – 2.5 A, 16-bit resolution, accuracy ≤ 0.1 % MBE
Measurement (only in DC mode)Voltages and current, 16-bit resolution, accuracy ≤ 0.1 % MBE
AC voltage0 – 50 Vpp (17.0 Vrms), 10 Hz to 100 Hz sine, increment 0.1 V
Connector X14-pin header RM 5 mm
Connector X264-pin multipole connector DIN 41612
Operating voltage5 V ± 0.1 V, 300 mA and 2 x 20 V AC for the amplifier
DimensionsPCB 100 x 160 mm, height 51 mm incl. heat sink
Weight0.78 kg
InterfaceRS-422 Guardian protocol


Product types

PSU3Programmable power supply (3rd generation)


Sync adapterExtension for the synchronisation of multiple PSU boards


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