UMB Board
Universal microcontroller with 24 GPIOs

  • UMB board: Universal microcontroller view 1
  • UMB board: Universal microcontroller view 2
  • UMB board: Universal microcontroller view 3
  • UMB board: Universal microcontroller view 4
  • Universally usable

  • 24 GPIOs

  • ADC with 10 bits

  • I2C, SPI and 2 x UART

  • Colour sensor retrieval


The UMB2 board was developed to provide the basis for various applications. The GPIOs of the controller have a logic level of 3.3 V and are tolerant up to 24 V. 8 of the pins can be used as analogue inputs. The UART0 of the controller communicates with the WinGuard software on the test PC via a RS-422 level converter. Corresponding WinGuard script commands are available for using the I2C, SPI or UART2 interfaces.


  • Testing coloured LEDs with VEML6040 colour sensors in conjunction with an I2C multiplexor extension; up to 16 sensors can be connected to one UMB2 board. The WinGuard software contains a corresponding GUI for measuring the brightness and colour.
  • Control of up to 4 relay modules via I2C.
  • Testing of components with I2C or SPI connections.
  • Implementation of customer-specific modifications: 5 male connectors can be installed on the board for inserting a PCB when necessary. This provides users with an easy way to integrate matching circuits etc. into the test system.


Current consumptionmax. 80 mA
Dimensions160 x 100 mm
InterfaceRS-422 Guardian protocol
X1System connector, 64-pin multipole connector DIN 41612
X2Port 1, 16-pin header RM 2.54 (optional)
X3Programming plug, 10-pin header RM 2.54
X5Port 2, 16-pin header RM 2.54 (optional)
X6Port 3, 16-pin header RM 2.54 (optional)
X73.3 V, 5 V, I2C, SPI, 16-pin header RM 2.54 (optional)
X85 V and GND, 16-pin header RM 2.54 (optional)
X9Connector for relay module, JST B5B EH
X12Connector for colour sensors, JST B4B EH


Product types

UMB2Universal microcontroller (2nd generation) with 24 GPIOs


I2C multiplexorExtension allowing the connection of up to 16 colour sensors.


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