UMC Board
Universal multifunction board for component and device tests

  • UMC board: Universal multifunction board view 1
  • UMC board: Universal multifunction board view 2
  • UMC board: Universal multifunction board view 3
  • UMC board: Universal multifunction board view 4
  • 32 GPIOs

  • 4 Analogue-digital converters with scope function

  • I2C interface with hot-swap driver

  • SPI interface

  • UART with 3.3 V


The UMC1 is a universal multifunction board used to test assemblies and devices. With a combination of digital and analogue functions, the board is suitable for a number of uses.


  • Standard test tasks
  • Communication with the DUT or test adapter components via I2C, SPI or UART
  • Testing devices with three-phase voltage monitoring
  • Standalone test devices without test PC


Operating voltage5 V ± 0.25 V
Current consumptionmax. 350 mA
GPIO32 channels, 3.3 V or 5 V logic level (I/O expander CY8C9540A)
A/D converter4 channels, ± 3 V, ± 6 V, 0 V – 12 V, ± 12 V, 12-bit resolution
Scope function800 Hz to 15 kHz with 4 channels or 17/3, 19/2, 21/4 storage for 100,000 12-bit readings
InterfacesI2C, SPI, UART1 with 3.3 V logic level
InterfaceRS-422 Guardian protocol (UART0)
Connector X1X2 64-pin multipole connector DIN 41612, system connector
Connector X210-pin male connector RM 2.54, RS-422 transmission
Connector X310-pin header RM 2.54 programming interface
Connector X450-pin male connector RM 2.54, 90 °, GPIO and ADC
Connector X526-pin male connector RM 2.54
Dimensions160 x 100 mm


Product types

UMC1Universal multifunction board (1st generation)


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