INGUN Test Fixtures & Test Adapters
for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic devices

INGUN + GTS = best-in-class products, excellent service

Our partnership with the market leader INGUN allows us to offer high-quality, robust and process-reliable (bed of nails) test fixtures and test adapters “made in Germany”. Our experienced and reliable team complements INGUN’s offering with its all-around service – from consultation and planning, through procurement and assembly, to delivery and setup.

INGUN and GTS logos - your partners for test fixture solutions

Test fixtures for every requirement

We provide test adapter solutions with interfaces for all common test systems, including inline test systems and our Guardian FCT tester. Thanks to their modular design, tool-free exchangeable kit system, optional ESD or RF protection and numerous other add-ons, INGUN test fixtures can be configured for almost any application scenario. Otherwise, we develop custom solutions.

Fast delivery and supplementary services

We have our own warehouse of INGUN components. This allows us to deliver your (bed of nails) test fixtures and test adapters in an exceptionally short time for many common use cases. Additionally, you can benefit from our attractive supplementary services, such as stress-strain analysis for PCBs, Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) or test fixture rental.

Deliveryman loads (bed of nails) test fixtures and test adapters into delivery van.

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INGUN test adapters overview

This table helps finding the perfect test adapter for your individual use case.

INGUN manual test fixture
Manual test fixtures
INGUN pneumatic test fixture
Pneumatic test fixtures
INGUN vacuum test adapter
Vacuum test fixtures
INGUN test adapter for inline test systems
Inline kits
Device under test (DUT) piece numberlow
(single-unit testing) to high
(mass testing)
(batch testing)
high (mass testing)high (mass testing)
Automated production linespossiblepossiblepossibleexclusively
DUT variantslow to high varietylow to high varietyno varietyno variety
Integrated test system interfaceoptionalyes
Contact forceup to 2,000 Nup to 2,500 Nup to 24,000 Ndepends on test system
Available protectionradio frequency (RF), ESDESDradio frequency (RF), ESD
Manual test adaptersPneumatic test adaptersContact usContact us

We will gladly assist you!

Convinced? We are looking forward to your contact inquiry!

Bed of nails test fixtures by INGUN and GTS – all benefits at a glance

High-quality brand products

INGUN’s leading test fixtures are “made in Germany”. Only high-grade materials are used during manufacturing ensuring top product performance and quality.


Depending on your configuration, INGUN test adapters have a service life of more than 2 million load cycles. This allows them to be used in automated mass production lines.

Process reliability

INGUN (bed of nails) test fixtures have been proven worldwide and across industries. Thanks to this experience, they operate reliably with minimal disruptions.

Various interfaces

INGUN test adapters can be equipped with interfaces for all common test systems (including our Guardian FCT tester and inline test systems).


The modular design of INGUN fixtures allows us to address almost every test scenario with standardised components – from low piece counts to mass production, from low to high product variety.

Exchangeable kit system

The exchangeable kit system allows testing different types of devices with the same base unit. The system is tool-free and does not require readjustments, keeping changeover times at a minimum.

Numerous add-ons

Add-ons like ESD or RF protection, switches, LED lights and handlebars can further improve operating comfort, safety and other aspects of the test scenario.

Custom solutions

In the unlikely event that your test scenario cannot be addressed using standardised test fixture kits, we will gladly design custom solutions for you.

Worry-free service package

Our service supports you with special focus on the areas that INGUN’s service does not cover: from the planning, procurement and assembly to the delivery and setup of your test adapters.

Competent counterpart

Our reliable team has many years of international experience and will competently (and if necessary creatively) assist you.

Inhouse interim storage

We have our own interim warehouse of INGUN components. This allows us to deliver test fixtures reliably and exceptionally fast for most test scenarios.

Supplementary services

GTS offers an interesting range of supplementary services, such as the stress-strain analysis for PCBs, Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) and rental devices.