Desk Adapter PA450
Manual/mechanic test adapter for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic devices

  • Manual/mechanic test adapter PA450
  • Encasing with ergonomic slant

  • Model without pull-down fixture for EOL tests of modules and devices

  • Contacting using connectors

  • Quick clamps lock device under test into position

  • Alternatively combined fixing and contacting with our holding down clamps


Our manual/mechanic test adapter PA450 is very well suited for the inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic devices that are contacted using connectors instead of pogo pins (for example joysticks and other controllers). The devices under test (DUTs) are locked into position by quick clamps or our holding down clamps. An aluminium plate is mounted to the rear of the test adapter and can be used for the installation of connectors or as an interface to our Guardian functional testing system.

Features of our manual test adapter

DimensionsW 450 x D 350 x H 230 mm

Configuration of our mechanic test adapter

Product types

PA450Desk adapter series PA450 without pull-down fixture
PA450-PNDesk adapter series PA450 with pneumatic pull-down fixture
PA450-MNDesk adapter series PA450 with mechanic pull-down fixture


PA450-xxGDesk adapter of the PA450 series with interface for our Guardian functional testing system


Buttonse. g. on/off switch or emergency switch
Quick clampfor fixing device under test
Holding down clampsQuick release holding down clamps, optionally with integrated contacts
Colour sensorfor LED inspection


We gladly customise our manual/mechanic test adapter to fulfil your individual needs. Amongst other things, we offer the following services:

  • Rear panel with cut-outs according to your specifications
  • Installation of quick clamps according to your specifications
  • Contacting connectors
  • Installation of components (e. g. colour sensors, scanners, DIN rails, switches) and wiring
  • Protection enclosure against dangerous voltages/discharges
  • Protection enclosure against environmental light
  • Custom designs

We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!


Related to our PA450 manual/mechanic test adapter, we offer the following services:

We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!