Desk Adapter PA450-PN
Pneumatic test adapter for PCBs and electronic devices

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  • Supports PCBs or devices of up to 300 x 215 mm

  • Contacting from below, above or both sides simultaneously

  • Adapter plate swapping system available

  • Installation of sensors and scanners possible

  • Contacting of connectors from the side

  • Automatic opening and closing available

  • Long operating life of up to 10 million load cycles


Our pneumatic test adapter PA450-PN is very well suited for the inspection of assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) or for functional testing of electronic devices. Its high-quality mechanics ensure a long working life of up to 10 million load cycles. Thus, the PA450-PN can be deployed for mass production without hesitation.


We gladly adapt our PA450-PN to your individual needs. For further information please see the tab “Customisation”. Moreover, the pneumatic adapter is available as an adapter kit for do-it-yourself customisation.


An aluminium plate is mounted to the rear of the test adapter and can be used for the installation of connectors or as an interface to our Guardian functional testing system.

Adapter plate swapping

Optionally, the PA450-PN comes with a fast and intuitive adapter plate swapping system. Thus, the adapter can be quickly changed over for other devices under test (DUTs). This optimises the capacity utilisation of the adapter in low-volume production environments and lowers the acquisition costs.


DimensionsW 450 x D 350 x H 230 mm
Size of testing area300 x 215 mm
Lift of the pull-down fixture15 mm
Operating pressure6 bars
Contact pressure400 N (≙ approx. 200 – 400 pogo pins)
Weight11 kg
Magnetic valve24 V / 50 mA


Configure your PA450-PN and receive an offer right away using our PA450-PN configurator!

Product types

PA450-PNDesk adapter series PA450 with pneumatic pull-down fixture
PA450-MNDesk adapter series PA450 with mechanic pull-down fixture
PA450Desk adapter series PA450 without pull-down fixture

Extensions (can be combined)

PA450-PNAAutomatic opening and closing of the pneumatic pull-down fixture
PA450-xxWDesk adapter of the PA450 series with adapter plate swapping system
PA450-xxGDesk adapter of the PA450 series with interface for our Guardian functional testing system
Please note: The above-mentioned extensions can be combined. For instance, a PA450-PNAWG is a pneumatic test adapter of the PA450 series with an automated pull-down fixture, adapter swapping system and Guardian interface.


Buttonse. g. on/off switch or emergency switch
Needle carrier platehard paper, dimensions 320 x 255 x 10 mm, white coated
Hold-down plate8 mm polycarbonate, dimensions 309.5 x 224.5 mm
Hold-down plate (antistatic)
Needle carrier plate for swapping systemwith 288-pin contact bar, incl. protection plate on 4 distance bolts
Pogo pinsWide range of types available
Positioning pinsSpring-loaded, with centring pin or isolated overlay
Hold-down pins
Contact pinfor detection of PCB presence or absence
Colour sensorsfor LED inspection


We gladly customise our pneumatic test adapter to fulfil your individual needs. Amongst other things, we offer the following services:

  • Import of your PCB data
  • Rear panel with cut-outs according to your specifications
  • CNC processing of adapter plates
  • Insertion of sleeves and pogo pins
  • Pogo pins on multiple layers
  • Installation of rigid or spring-loaded positioning pins
  • Installation of hold-down pins
  • Contacting connectors
  • Installation of components (e. g. colour sensors, scanners, DIN rails, switches) and wiring
  • Protective enclosure against dangerous voltages/discharges
  • Protective enclosure against environmental light
  • Custom designs

For basic configurations you can use our PA450-PN configurator and receive a PDF offer right away. If you have more complex requirements, we will be looking forward to your contact enquiry!


Related to our PA450-PN pneumatic test adapter, we offer the following services:

We are looking forward to your contact enquiry!

Rental & Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Our PA450-PN is available as a rental device or for Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).