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Adapter Casing

Blue casing, antistatic cover with gas spring, pneumatic hold-down mechanism with two-hand control, magnetic valve, sensor “adapter closed“

Pneumatic opening and closing of the hold-down frame for robot handling


Do you want us to customise the adapter according to your specifications?

CNC drillings for pogo pins or sleeves

Grid dimension 2.54 mm, spring force 1.8 N, waffle- or needle-shaped head, incl. soldering sleeve and injection (other pogo pins are available upon request)

Spring-loaded positioning pin with centring pin or isolated overlay incl. assembly with hoist limitation

Incl. drilling, thread cutting and height adjustment

For detecting the presence of printed circuit boards (PCBs)

According to your specifications, soldered

Strand 0.25 mm, 50 cm length, soldered, bared end

For testing coloured LEDs, Ø 10 mm enclosure, integration into hold-down plates, floating mounting for collision protection (colour sensor product page)

Needle carrier plate made of hard paper (dimensions 320 x 255 x 10 mm, white coated) and hold-down plate made of polycarbonate (dimensions 309.5 x 224.5 x 8 mm)

We offer upon request:

  • Rear panel with cut-outs according to your specifications
  • Adapter plate swapping system
  • Antistatic hold-down plates
  • Alternative pogo pins
  • Pogo pins on multiple layers
  • Contacting connectors
  • Contacting from above or both sides simultaneously
  • Installation of components according to your specifications (e. g. DIN rails, signal lamps, programming devices, CAN/LIN interfaces, hubs, switches etc.)
  • Protective enclosure against dangerous voltages/discharges
  • Protective enclosure against environmental light
  • Buttons, emergency switches
  • Special designs
  • And much more

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