Lever-operated Test Adapter PA200
Programming adapter, manual adapter for small and medium-sized PCBs

  • Programming Adapter PA200
  • Cost-efficient contactor for small and medium-sized printed circuit boards (PCBs)

  • Well suited as a programming adapter

  • Contacting from below, above or both sides simultaneously

  • Installation of sensors and scanners possible

  • Contacting of connectors from the side

  • Adapter plates in many different sizes, fast swapping system

  • Contact pressure for approx. 200 – 360 pogo pins depending on the spring force

  • Protective housing against human interference or environmental light available

  • Small, light and intuitive


The PA200 manual lever-operated adapter is suitable for connecting small and medium-sized PCBs for function tests or as a programming adapter, for example. The adapter plates can easily be swapped.

In order to insert the device under test (DUT), the lower plate must be pulled forwards and the DUT placed on the spring-loaded positioning pins. For testing, push the plate backwards and operate the linear clamp. When contacting from below, the top plate acts as the hold-down bracket. PCBs equipped only on one side can be placed flat on the lower plate, and contacting can then be performed from the top. The vertical guide ensures correct positioning. Optional plates on the sides of the enclosure provide space to install connectors.


  • PCB contact with spring contact pins
  • Programming adapter – controller programming with test pads
  • LED tests
  • Climate tests from – 40 to + 90 ºC
  • Lateral contacting of connectors


Configure your PA200 and receive an offer right away using our PA200 configurator!

Product types

PA200Lever-operated test adapter, programming adapter


Pair of adapter plates size 1Upper and lower plate (100 x 200 mm)
Pair of adapter plates size 2Upper and lower plate (150 x 200 mm)
Pair of adapter plates size 3Upper and lower plate (100 x 300 mm)
Pogo pinsWide range of types available
Positioning pinsSpring-loaded, with centring pin or isolated overlay
Hold-down pins
Contact pinfor detection of PCB presence or absence
Colour sensorsfor LED inspection


We gladly customise our programming adapter to fulfil your individual needs. Amongst other things, we offer the following services:

  • Import of your PCB data
  • Custom-sized adapter plates
  • Side plates with cut-outs for connectors
  • CNC processing of adapter plates
  • Insertion of sleeves and pogo pins
  • Pogo pins on multiple layers
  • Installation of rigid or spring-loaded positioning pins
  • Installation of hold-down pins
  • Contacting connectors
  • Installation of components (e. g. colour sensors, scanners, DIN rails, switches) and wiring
  • Protective enclosure against dangerous voltages/discharges
  • Protective enclosure against environmental light
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Lowering lock
  • Custom designs

For basic configurations you can use our PA200 configurator and receive a PDF offer right away. If you have more complex requirements, we will be looking forward to your contact enquiry!


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