Holding Down Clamps KS50, KS100 and KS180
Quick release clamping fixture (downholder) for test adapters

  • KS50: Quick release holding down clamp (clamping fixture, downholder) for test adapters
  • Circuit/linear clamping mechanism for test adapter solutions

  • Down holding of printed circuit boards

  • Contacting with spring contact pins

  • Pneumatic drive and interlocking on request

  • Special constructions on request


Our holding down clamps (clamping fixtures) were designed especially for test adapters. The special feature is the combination of a pivoting/circular arc and a vertical movement. A typical application is holding down printed circuit boards while contacting test points with spring contact pins.

A carrier plate is mounted on the cantilever of the downholder. When contacting from below, hold-down pins, which press on free areas of the circuit board, are installed in the carrier plate. When contacting from above, spring contact pins, which meet the test points, are built into the carrier plate. Due to the vertical lowering, the spring contact pins have no side loads and, thus, a long service life.

Since the mechanism is self-locking, the combination clamp remains in its lower end position even if the spring forces of the test pins act against it. When open, the operator has free access to the circuit board holder and can easily insert the DUT.

Carrier plates or hold-down devices are not included in the price of the combination clamps. On request we offer both, individual components and complete test adapters. For construction purposes, 3D models are available for download (see tab “Downloads”).

Features of the holding down clamps

KS50 (small model)

DimensionsH 59 x D 135 x W 43.5 mm
Clamping forceapprox. 50 N for max. 25 spring probes
MaterialPOM (polyoxymethylene)
Weightapprox. 120 g

KS100 (medium-sized model)

DimensionsH 88 x D 190 x W 54 mm
Clamping fixtureapprox. 100 N for max. 50 spring probes
MaterialPOM (polyoxymethylene)
Weightapprox. 200 g

KS180 (large model)

DimensionsH 117.5 x D 286.4 x W 116 mm
Clamping forceapprox. 180 N for max. 100 spring probes
Linear lift15 mm
Weightapprox. 1.000 g

Configuration of the downholders

Product types

Holding down clamp KS50Quick release clamping fixture (small model) with up to 50 N clamping force
Holding down clamp KS100Quick release clamping fixture (medium-sized model) with up to 100 N clamping force
Holding down clamp KS180Quick release clamping fixture (large model) with up to 180 N clamping force


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