Rental Devices and Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)
More flexibility for your test benches and test activities

Do your test rigs occasionally reach their capacity limits? Or are you in the process of planning a new test bench and realised that it will not be used to sufficient capacity? Then you can optimise your test capacities and testing costs with our rental and outsourcing solutions.

  • Cost optimisation by replacing inhouse test rigs that have an insufficient degree of capacity utilisation

  • Temporary increase of testing capacities to prevent sporadic capacity shortages

  • Testing of early prototypes when no inhouse test stand is available

  • 2 approaches: hardware rental or testing-as-a-service (TaaS)

  • Supported devices under test (DUTs): PCBs, components, electronic devices

  • Available tests: functional testing, electrical tests (e. g. in-circuit tests)

Why rental devices or testing-as-a-service (TaaS)?

Low or fluctuating piece numbers make it hard to utilise your test benches to an optimal degree. They usually result in the holding-available of unused test capacities, unnecessarily inflating your product costs. With the help of our rental and outsourcing solutions, you can flexibly extend your test benches with our hardware or book test capacities as a service, thus lowering your testing costs.

Another use case for our services is the assessment of prototypes. In this early stage of the product lifecycle, inhouse test benches might not be available yet. By using our services, you also benefit from the knowledge and feedback of an independent party when evaluating your product candidates.

Rental devices for testing-as-a-service (TaaS)

Guardian FCT tester with PA450-PNAWG test adapter

What and how can be tested?

At the moment, our Guardian FCT tester in combination with the test adapter family PA450 are available as rental devices or for testing-as-a-service. Our hardware can inspect printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as other electronic components or products. Functional testing is supported along with different electrical tests (e. g. in-circuit tests). More test devices will follow shortly.

Procedure and cost models

When using our services, you benefit from the adapter plate swapping interface of our test adapters. Before the first order, we will manufacture a set of adapter plates customised for your DUT. This set will then be used to change our hardware over to your product. Of course, the set can be reused for future orders.

With every rental or TaaS order, pre-production costs accrue for the desired configuration of our Guardian FCT tester. The minimum rental period for our hardware is 1 week. TaaS is billed per test run.

Cost typeRental devicesTaaS
Adapter plates manufacturing costs
Pre-production costs
(every order)
Hardware rental costs
(billed per time)
Testing costs
(billed per test run)
Transportation costs test devicesOptional
Transportation costs DUTsOptional

Frequently asked questions

Testing-as-a-service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which (part of) your testing activities are performed by a service provider. We at GTS offer the flexible booking of test capacities, thus allowing the easy alignment of your test capacities with your current production piece numbers. In sum, our services allow you to optimise your testing costs, especially if you have low or fluctuating piece numbers.
With our rental devices or in the context of testing-as-a-service (TaaS), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components or products can be tested.
At the moment, we rent our Guardian FCT tester incl. a test adapter with adapter plate swapping interface. Thus, all tests that are supported by these devices can be performed, including functional testing and electrical tests (e. g. in-circuit test). The same is applicable for testing-as-a-service (TaaS).
The waiting time after placing an order highly depends on your individual conditions (number of DUTs, complexity of your tests, ...). Consequently, we can only determine waiting times based on an individual assessment. Please take the additional manufacturing time of your individual adapter plate set into account, that is required when fulfilling your very first order.
Testing-as-a-service (TaaS) means that we will perform your tests with our own staff on our own premises. On the opposite, you will have to run tests yourself on your premises when renting our hardware. For example in the following cases, TaaS can be advantageous:
  • If you have insufficient knowledge about testing technology or required equipment is not available inhouse.
  • If your test station is not just in shortage of hardware but is also missing personnel.
  • If you wish your products to be inspected by an independent third party.