Visual Inspection SystemsVisual inspection equipment for PCBs and other products

We specifically designed our Sentry to meet the frequent demand for powerful yet compact visual inspection equipment. High-resolution image sensors and homogeneous LED lighting ensure the reliable inspection of your device under test (DUT). Easily swappable DUT holders allow for the inspection of different product types with the same system.

Sentry: Visual Inspection System/Equipment

Universal and compact visual inspection system (AOI) – suitable for manual as well as automated production lines

Frequently asked questions

Our Sentry AOI tester is a universal and powerful yet compact solution for the automated optical inspection.
  • Serial numbers, barcodes, DMC codes, 2D codes, certification labels etc. for their position and contents
  • Presence of and distance between certain features (for example correct alignment of connectors, missing housing components, missing screws or assembly mistakes)
  • Colours
  • Dimensional accuracy of a DUT (housing correctly inserted, PCB completely separated from the panel)
The Sentry AOI tester supports any DUT with dimensions of up to 15 x 25 x 10 cm.
Yes. Our test engineers have many years of experience in test rig design as well as in integrating test rigs into your production environment. With pleasure, we also take care of your test software engineering and test automation tasks.
Yes. Our test equipment designers are looking forward to your contact enquiry.